Vuohivasara was formed at the beginning of the year 2005 by Thy Agony, Capricorn and Blake. The main target was to create brutal and fast blackmetal. Inspiration to the lyrical concept was mainly drawn from occultism, dark matters of the mind and matters of personal autonomy. Vuohivasara is Finnish and it translates as "Goathammer" in English.The "goat" represents evil and the "hammer" represents hate.

The first demo, entitled "Pugni Principalis", was recorded in the spring of 2005. During August of the same year Diemonium joined the band as a bassist. He had been playing with the same group earlier and he also did the recording of "Pugni Principalis". About 100 copies of the first demo were distributed worldwide.

Vuohivasara made their first video for the song "Dancing Daemons" in the spring of 2006. It was shot and edited by Diemonium. It also ended up as a bonus to the limited first 100 copies of the next demo, called "Non-worthless Idols To Worship" (May 2006). The second demo spread worldwide and got quite good reviews. As the band started gain more attention within the international underground scene Vuohivasara was contacted by a couple of labels that showed their interest for the release of a full-length album. Subsequently agreements for the release of Vuohivasara's debut album were made between the band and a certain european underground label during the summer 2006.

Autumn 2006 the band got in touch with Antonio, the owner of Iron, blood and Death corporation from Mexico. He had heard some songs by Vuohivasara from the Internet. He was interested to release a split album which was supposed to feature Vuohivasara along with some Mexican blackmetal band. This Mexican band never ended up on the split. Vuohivasara then recommended a Finnish black metal band called WŚrpath to be taken on the split as a replacement. Antonio was interested with their material also. So the split eventually contained two Finnish bands. The "Non-worthless Idols To Worship"-demo was sent to Antonio to appear on the split album.

Blake left the band later during autumn 2006 because he had lost interest in black metal and he wanted to play something else. Vuohivasara started to search for a new drummer. A couple of the band's friends supported the band as session members for some months. In December 2006 the band found a new member, Krig, who impressed the remaining members with his skills. Luckily he was also more blackmetal oriented. He became a full-time member after his first rehearsal.

At the end of January 2007 Vuohivasara started to record their first full-length album entitled "The Sigil". Recording was done in several sessions between January and February at the band's own infamous Goat-Axe -studio. Recording was done again by Diemonium. "The Sigil" got it's final mixing and mastering in March at the Deviant Birth Studios at Vaasa.

Shortly after the recording of "The Sigil", Diemonium chose to leave the band, because he was more interested in playing something else than blackmetal.

After "The Sigil" was recorded, the deal which Vuohivasara got at summer 2006 was canceled by their label after they had listened to the final mastered tape of the album. After the band's prior arrangements had been cancelled, they introduced the material to IBDC (since they had earlier offered to release the VV/WP-split) and Antonio was immediately interested to release the album. He offered a deal, which the band accepted.

In September 2007 Midgard was recruited to the band as a bassist. Soon he transferred to play the second guitar, because he was also, and primarily, a good guitarist. Most of the songs were composed for two guitars to begin with, so it made more sense to have two guitarists. This also opened more doors to the composing and playing process of new songs.

"The Sigil" and Vuohivasara/WŚrpath "Thorns Pest Blood" -split were released on December 2007.

During fall 2008 the band was preparing their new material for recording, and during this period it started to seem that Midgard wasn't able to contribute a satisfactory input to practicing. He was busy due to his commitments to other bands and projects. So after a while Midgard discharged from the lineup. Around the same time Vuohivasara found a new bassist, Slither, who seemed fit to handle the band's bass duties. Also a replacement for Midgard was found in the talented guitarist called Evil.

Vuohivasara entered Necrobotnia studios (Vaasa, Finland) with the line up in April 2009 in order to record their second full length, entitled A Cult Revived. The album will consist of eight brand new songs of agressive and atmospherical black metal crafted according to the finest Scandinavian traditions and added with the band's own personal style. The album will be released during autumn 2009.

After recording of the album Havoc Slither decided to quit in the band. Vuohivasara made their first official public performance at the releasegig of their new album "A Cult Revived" on the 27th of November 2009. The line up was expanded with a new member I (vocals & guitar) and session bassplayer Tyrant. In January 2010 Infidel Viktor Capricorn decided to leave the band. After this I took over the lead vocal duties after having shown his skills during the bands earlier live performance.

After the album release Vuohivasara did also play few more succesfull gigs in Kokkola and Turku. After these gigs it seemed that Evil wasn't able to continue in the band anymore and he was replaced by Khael, who truely claimed his place performing a flawless gig at Helsinki only after one band rehearsal the day before the gig.

...Thy Agony:
Born: 1980 A.D.
Status in band: Guitars & backing vocals
Previous bands/Other projects: Bed Of Corpses, ex-Veristi, ex-Path Of Mist, ex-Perennial Torment

...Krig Von Alastor:
Born: 1983 A.D.
Status in band: Drums
Previous bands/Other projects: Deathrone, ex-Degenerate, ex-Alasthorn, ex-Holocaust Industry

Born: 1987 A.D.
Status in band: Guitars & vocals
Previous bands/Other projects: Skinning The Rotten Womb, Anaktorian

Born: 1985 A.D.
Status in band: Guitars
Previous bands/Other projects: Diesense

Born: 1982 A.D.
Status in band: Bass
Previous bands/Other projects: Diesense, Forever One, Caldwell

...Session members:
Tyrant - Session Bass

...Past members:
Evil - Guitars (Fall 2008 - February 2010)
Infiden Viktor Capricorn - Vocals (2005 - January 2010)
Havoc Slither - Bass (December 2008 - September 2009)
Midgard - Guitars (Spring 2007 - Fall 2008)
Diemonium - Bass (August 2005 - Spring 2007)
Blake - Drums (2005 - Autumn 2006)